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2011.03 Innoor established RFID division 2011.09 Innoor
released R2000 chip-based fixed reader products
2012.03 Innoor released roll-to-roll exposure process to manufacture precision aluminum etched antennas The wholly-owned subsidiary "Xiamen Innoer Information Technology Co., Ltd." was officially established ...

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Application field

vehicle management

Vehicle rfid label, car windshield rfid label, car tamper electronic label, widely used in vehicle electronic environmental protection information card, high-speed non-stop electronic toll collection, self-service parking, vehicle free travel, vehicle speeding and other violation management, vehicle identification, Annual inspection tracking......

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Anti-counterfeiting traceability

Fragile, anti-transfer label products are widely used in traceability and anti-counterfeiting of high-end products such as bird's nest, cordyceps, tobacco, alcohol, medicines, cosmetics, and milk powder. Customized development of RFID tag products can be carried out according to the characteristics of brand products and actual application scenarios.

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asset Management

The application of RFID technology for fixed asset management has obvious advantages compared with traditional manual bookkeeping management and bar code technology management, such as: it can still be read without a network; batch inventory; asset positioning; preventing assets from being replaced; preventing transfer of important assets , anti-loss, etc.

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Smart Manufacturing

The main materials of this series of products are PC, silicone or rubber. It is a series of products developed by the company for some special occasions, such as the inventory control of production line production data under high temperature environment, the inventory of incoming and outgoing items, or injection molding together with injection molded parts.

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The application of RFID electronic tags to the tracking and management of air parcels ensures that passengers' checked luggage can be tracked and managed, so that passengers and checked luggage packages can reach their destinations safely and on time. The RFID system can automatically scan luggage regardless of the orientation of the luggage.

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medical hygiene

The medical industry management electronic label series has a wide variety of styles and a wide range of applications, such as: application in neonatal wards; tracking and positioning of medical equipment; positioning of staff and patients; supply chain management of drugs and medical supplies; medical waste management, etc.

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Innoor launches colorful locating tags with sound and light
  • 2022-09-05

Innoor launches colorful locating tags with sound and light

Recently, Innoor has launched a colorful locating tag IVF-BT11IVF-BT11 locating tag is a 2.4G electronic tag with sound and light reminder, with 6 colors, 12 lights, transparent shell, high brightness, and can be used in item management. Medium and fast search (the items to be searched have a luminous sound prompt), which is suitable for application fields such as rookie station cargo search, warehouse inventory item positioning, shelf positioning, clothing and hat search and positioning, book search and positioning, and file search and positioning. Label features Label application design ? Bluetooth low energy design, standby power consumption: 31.4uA; ?

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Innoir launches BLE low-power asset management tags (LED & positioning)
  • 2022-09-01

Innoir launches BLE low-power asset management tags (LED & positioning)

Recently, Innoor launched a new fixed asset tag IVF-BT07IVF-BT07 fixed asset tag is a high-performance Bluetooth tag with anti-dismantling function. When the fixed asset tag is dismantled, an alarm will be issued, and the platform is matched to realize the electronic fence function. , which can effectively prevent asset theft. At the same time, two-color lights are added, which can accurately and efficiently find the location of assets. Combined with the AoA base station platform, it can also realize real-time location positioning of assets, historical track record query, etc. It can strengthen the management of fixed assets of enterprises, ensure the safety and integrity of fixed assets, and improve the production capacity and economic benefits of enterprises. Make

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rfid electronic tag price, how much is one
  • 2022-08-26

rfid electronic tag price, how much is one

When it comes to the price of rfid electronic tags, how much is one, this also depends on the type of rfid tags and the quantity required. Generally speaking, for a certain type of rfid tags, the more the quantity demanded, the more affordable the price. Different types of rfid tags have different prices, ranging from a few cents to a few yuan, dozens of yuan, or even higher. The price of rfid electronic tags is generally determined by the chips, materials, processes and other factors used in the tags. Ordinary rfid tags, relatively cheap, a few cents a piece, such as ordinary book rfid tags, ordinary clothing rfid tag tags, airline luggage rfi

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